Read what a few of our satisfied clients are saying about On The Horizon PLLC and how we were able to help them.

“Recently I checked my financial investments for my family to ensure the beneficiaries were aligned according to my estate planning documents. An attorney recommended I contact Dawn Trotto of On the Horizon, PLLC to assist in this process. I found Dawn to be very responsive and knowledgeable in getting through my policies so I wouldn’t have a problem in the future. She handled the estate planning very well.  I didn’t feel any pressure and she was able to complete the review of my policies fairly quickly. I feel Dawn did an outstanding job and her services would be helpful to anyone who needs help with fiduciary services, beneficiary designations, estate organization and assistance. If you are struggling getting your estate planning in order, I would definitely consider On the Horizon, PLLC.”

Edward Deeb
President and Founder
Michigan Youth Appreciation Foundation
May 2019

“It was getting more and more difficult to get around and accomplish what I needed to do. After a trip to the ER in November 2018, many resources recommended by the hospital were coming to my home and it was very difficult for me to sort through and make decisions. I met Dawn Trotto of On the Horizon, PLLC and she immediately put my mind at ease. From the very beginning, she was very knowledgeable, professional and easy to talk to. She understood my situation and communicated in a way I could understand. She explained and clarified my options so I could make informed decisions. Dawn helped me transition to an assisted living facility where I’m getting the oversight and care I need. I recommend On the Horizon, PLLC to anyone who needs assistance with monthly bill paying and getting their estate in order. She has many resources at her disposal, understands and goes the extra mile.”

April 2019

“In January 2019, I had a falling out with my then existing Trustee and I needed to update my estate planning documents as I was scheduled to have surgery within 6 weeks. I wanted to replace my Trustee with a professional who had knowledge in this area. An attorney recommended Dawn Trotto of On the Horizon, PLLC. Dawn was very responsive and facilitated the meetings with the attorney to have my estate planning documents updated. I didn’t feel any pressure and I was amazed how fast things got done. I felt very confident in appointing On the Horizon, PLLC as my professional fiduciary and know that if something happens to me, everything is in order and my wishes will be carried out according to my plan. The surgery went well and I am on the mend. I recommend On the Horizon, PLLC to anyone who is struggling in appointing a financial power of attorney or successor trustee.”

April 2019

“We needed to update our estate plan and didn’t want to put the burden of administering our estate on our families. We were also overwhelmed with the task of getting our “financial affairs” in order according to our wishes. Our attorney and financial planner recommended Dawn Trotto of On the Horizon to help in these areas. Dawn worked with us, our attorney and financial planner organizing our financial information ensuring our beneficiaries were aligned according to our estate plan. She even went the extra mile meeting us at our Credit Union to update our accounts. We highly recommend On the Horizon as Dawn was extremely thorough, honest, open and explained things along the way. She kept us on track providing us with the inventory of financial assets and related support. We are totally relieved that our financial affairs are in order!”

Ken and Nancy
July 2019

First names have been used or changed to protect the privacy of our client.

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