Each one of us experiences life at our own pace and has our own unique set of experiences.

Nothing is guaranteed. There are a couple certainties in life, however, as Benjamin Franklin so eloquently wrote in a 1789 letter “ . . . in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” This is so true that many professionals dedicate their entire careers addressing and dealing with these two certainties – doctors, nurses, attorneys, financial planners and CPAs to name a few. 

When we experience these certainties in life, they can be very difficult. With public, private and personal experience, On the Horizon, PLLC is a place to turn as a practical, experienced resource guiding the aging and their families through complex situations pulling all the relevant pieces together. Following are three common scenarios where we can assist by looking at the situation holistically, diving into the details, developing a plan and putting the plan in motion enabling the aging and their families to make one informed decision at a time providing peace of mind.

Is an aging loved one struggling to keep up with daily household management?

Have you followed through on the details after signing your estate planning documents drafted by your attorney?

You were honored to be named a fiduciary in a loved one’s estate planning documents. They recently passed, now what? 

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